Guilt - what's it good for?

Guilt. What's It Good For?

ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!! I've given this much thought today. This is an emotion that I have felt frequently in the past when I have strayed from my routine of living well.

In whatever aspects of life, when something doesn't work out exactly as I plan and I have an emotional response, such as eating or slacking off, guilt has raised it's ugly head and made me feel the negativity. This is part of the vicious circle of overeating and under activity I am realizing is so unproductive.

The vulnerability of having my own struggles is natural, I am after all human in every sense of the word. Some days I could spend the whole day with the greatest intentions, but don't execute any of my goals for that day and the end result is a feeling that I didn't measure up.

POSITIVITY, especially during stressful instances, has helped me move forward in my quest to live my life feeling free, vital and looking forward to whatever comes my way. So small steps each day will get me to my chosen guilt or timeline is needed...just small steps forward one step at a time! '


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