Perform better, feel better and look amazing!

Our bootcamp memberships give you access to training in a team environment. Our Sole focus is to find out exactly what you’re looking for and then provide you with the strategies and action steps to help you reach these goals.

Jump on board for a trial membership if you aren’t sure so you can get a feel for how different a training facility we really are.

Life is not meant to be lived in a state of mediocrity. Find your true athletic potential and open the doors to pain free life without restriction.

Who is it for?

We are a women’s bootcamp community 

It doesn’t matter what shape or size you are or what your athletic background is, because our programs are designed to help regular people increase their strength, fitness and do the common things uncommonly well in a motivating and welcoming community.

With constantly varied workouts based on your ability, FBBN (Fit Body By Nikki) is not just another fitness club… it’s a state of mind, a philosophy, and a lifestyle

30 minute express workouts are our point of difference!

We understand that not everyone has 60-90 minutes to workout, and not everyone wants to! We are a community of busy babes who need short and sharp workouts that will give results.

FBBN specialises in keeping women fit, feeling fabulous and mentally focused. Our express workouts fit perfectly into busy women’s lives and that is how we like to roll here at FBBN, see below our class options

Photo by Luis Quintero is licensed under CC0

'Park' Group Workouts

Get your fitness fix by joining our Outdoor Group Sessions at Oran Park. We are Covid Safe and have strict procedures in place. Speak with us to find out more.

Photo by Emma Matthews is licensed under CC0

'Online' Zoom Workouts

All of our sessions are live streamed… YES! you can be anywhere world wide and still join us live for workouts. All you need is a weight, booty band and your smile 🙂

Transform you body & your mind

Our training facility will support full mind & body transformations. It’s not always how you look, it’s often how you feel. We run Challenges & events to nurture you!


Be accountable to your trainer

We work with a booking system. This helps you be accountable to Nikki and the team. The focus is to have you functioning on all cylinders with no barriers!



Our 30 minute class is a combination of Strength work and Cardio to ensure you leave feeling strong and sweaty! We use a combination of weights and body weight to push the body to it’s limit all in a safe and fun way!


Metapwr is a 30 minute metabolic resistance workouts similar to our Hybrid strength class, combing bodyweight and weighted compound exercises with little rest to maximise calorie burn and increase the metabolic drive rate during and after the workout. These workouts are hard but good!


Our 30 minute Shred & Sculpt workout combines everything we have to offer and delivers a super paced and fun workout designed to strip body fat, tone and improve strength all while improving fitness and stamina. We may or may not use some light weights or bands but this class is designed to keep us moving.


As the name suggests, this 30 minute workout targets our posterior chain and more closely our glutes (peaches or what ever you want to call them). We combine booty work with core work to ensure that these powerhouse muscle groups get the burn which creates strength, shape and tone! This is one of our very popular classes 😉


Our 60 minute Yoga Class is programmed by our Goddess Viv and is an amazing way to finish the week off! It’s a flow style yoga class and incorporates meditation into this gem of a session. This should be a must on everyone’s schedule!


Our Pilates Workouts are lead by our Queen Pilates Instructor Sherrie! Giving you a 45 minute class to sculpt, strengthen and lengthen the muscles with low intensity, you will be hooked.

Terms & Conditions

All purchases are final. We do not offer refunds, transfers or exchanges for any reason.​
All Weekly Memberships Packs have an expiry date of 1 week (if you don’t use your sessions within that week, they DO NOT roll over)
Group classes require a minimum of 3 participants to go ahead. If by 1 hour before a class commences there are less than 3 people booked in, the class will be cancelled.
All injuries/or restrictions MUST be disclosed at least 4 hours prior to the session commencing. To allow adequate time to give alternatives or be advised not to attend until medical clearance is issued
Intro Passes are for new clients only and are a one-time purchase/offer with no extensions.


Bookings are essential using the Booking App
If you wish to cancel your booking, we ask that you please give at least 1 hours notice and cancel yourself out via the Bookings App.
​If you DO NOT cancel within 1 hour of your scheduled class, or do not show up for your booking, you will be charged as though you attended
Membership holders will forfeit their class if they do not un-book, Intro Passes for new clients will also forfeit their class. This is to create a fair environment and to ensure anyone on the waitlist can attend in your spot.


Membership suspensions can be arranged with a minimum of 2 weeks written notice, please email:

There is a minimum 1 month sign up for all Memberships.
Please give 2 weeks written notice to cancel your membership. Once notice has been received, you will be emailed back confirmation and charged 2 more weeks until payments cease. Again, email only (no SMS or messenger requests will be actioned.

There are no cancellation fees to terminate your membership. However you MUST submit your cancellation request by email, as stated above.

‘2 Classes a Week’ Memberships: You will receive 2 credits to book in with your automatic payment. You will only receive 2 credits per week. We recommend signing up on a weekend day, so you can get your 2 credits and book for the week ahead. For example: If you initially purchase your 2 pack Membership on a Wednesday, you will receive 2 credits to book in classes for the week Wednesday to Tuesday. If you initially purchase the membership on a Saturday, you will receive 2 credits to book in classes for the week Saturday – Friday.

‘3 Classes a Week’ Memberships: You will receive 3 credits to book in with your automatic payment. You will only receive the 3 credits per week.
‘Unlimited a Week’ Memberships: You will receive unlimited credits to book in with your automatic payment. You can access all classes per week

‘All Access’ Memberships: You will receive unlimited credits to book in with your automatic payment.

IF YOUR PAYMENT FAILS: You will be notified via email that your account has defaulted. They system will try for 5 consecutive days to retrieve the weekly payment so please ensure that you add funds to your nominated account if this occurs. Admin may contact you after 2 defaults to ensure that you are aware that funds need to be added to your debit account

I hope to see you in the community smashing your goals and having fun! Come train with me and get into the best shape of your life 💗