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PB, BANANA & SOURDOUGH 55 grams sourdough bread (wholemeal or spelt)110 grams banana30 grams Coles reduced fat ricotta cheese10 grams rice malt syrup20 grams Mayvers Protein peanut butter Toast your sourdough.Measure out peanut butter and spread your toast.Measure out and add your ricotta cheese.Slice your banana and layer on top, drizzle with rice malt syrup! [...]
PROTEIN POWDER 30g You can choose your favourite brand, just make sure it's a good quality and reputable one. At FBBN we use Happy Way, Bare Blends and Macro Mike. These are available in both dairy and vegan with Macro Mike being FODMAP friendly too. 30 grams protein powder (your choice of whey or vegan) [...]
BANANA & BLUEBERRY SMOOTHIE A quick, easy and delicious low FODMAP breakfast or snack to keep the hunger away 1/3 banana (frozen)1/4 cup blueberries (fresh or frozen)1/2 cup baby spinach1/2 cup almond milk (unsweetened)1/2 cup ice1 tsp chia seeds30 grams protein powder (Happy Way Vegan or Macro Mike) Blend everything together for 1 minute, serve.
VEGETABLE FRITTATA 3 sprays cooking spray1/2 tbsp grapeseed oil100 grams carrot (fresh or frozen, thinly sliced)150 grams broccoli (fresh or frozen, cut into small florets)100 grams red capsicum (thinly sliced)25 grams baby spinach100 grams pumpkin (steamed and cut into cubes)6 large eggs125 ml almond milk (unsweetened)400 grams mixed salad leaves (to serve) Preheat oven to [...]
CARROT CAKE COOKIES - 3 cookies These cookies are low FODMAP and utterly delicious. Packed full of nutrition and fibre, these snacks wont disappoint. 2 carrot (medium, grated (1 1/2 cups))1/2 cup Yopro yoghurt (plain, lactose free or coconut)1/3 cup coconut sugar1/4 cup water3 tbsp coconut oil1 tsp vanilla extract1/4 cup coconut (desiccated )1 tsp [...]
HEALTHY CHICKEN CEASAR SALAD Omit the Cheese if following dairy free meal plan Salad120 grams chicken breast1 eggs (boiled)75 grams lettuce (iceberg)100 grams tomatoes (cherry or whole)10 grams baby spinach1 slice gluten free bread (or sourdough)Dressing1 Tbsp praise dijonnaise mayonnaise (Coles or Woolworths)1 Tbsp apple Cider Vinegar (or any vinegar )1 tsp water Place an [...]