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Prepare yourself for 6 Weeks of heart raising workouts, specifically designed to put your calorie burn into overdrive paired with a fat blasting meal guide – FBBN Challenges are the answer to your fat loss and feel good goals!!

Workouts to push you to be your best

Workout in a way that suits YOU > in-person at Oran Park or online with Zoom. We also include 3 x App workouts a week! -> See our timetable here

Delicious Meal Plan and Recipes

6 Week Meal Plan with shopping list… this takes all the stress out of healthy eating. Suitable for Meat, Vegetarian and Vegans. Select your option once you join.

Mentoring & Mindset Work

It’s not just about how you look… it’s about how you FEEL. During our challenges we focus on lifestyle habits and mentoring to help you feel good mentally and physically.

Tone Up, Lean Out & Feel Amazing

Our challenges are for you if you

  • Want to be accountable to someone no matter where you live
  • You are looking to shred unwanted body fat
  • You are short for time
  • You love HIIT & Strength training
  • You want to achieve great results without gym machines or lock in contracts
  • You are looking to tighten and tone your entire body
  • You want to enjoy working out and want to feel motivated
  • You are looking to feel good on the inside AND the outside
  • You want help with eating healthy and healthy snacks
  • You need guidance with meal planning and recipes
  • You need help understanding nutrition and what your body needs to feel good
  • You have tried everything and still cannot get rid of that stubborn fat

Learn to eat healthy

Expect to transform your fitness, your body and your mindset!

Yes, our challenges are for every female, Challenge will be available In-person (COVID restrictions pending) AND also online

During the challenge you can expect to:

  • shift body fat and lean up
  • improve your digestion
  • get a grip on healthy eating
  • kick start your mental focus and clarity
  • feel more vibrant and energetic
  • improve your habits ie: drink more water, exercise, reduce sugar
  • be ready to shift yourself into overdrive to get the results you are after in 2020.
  • we are out of lockdown and need to gain back our best body and best mind > join me and I’ll help you through this

In the right environment, anything is possible and with FBBN you are in the absolute right environment!




Online & In-person option

Simply the best value for money


☑️ Unlimited bootcamp sessions in-person at Oran Park AND online using Zoom (you will need an internet connection and ipad/smartphone or computer 

☑️ 6 Week Meal Plan  with recipes with easy prep PLUS shopping list

☑️ Online Nutrition Workshop > cook with me

☑️ 6 Weeks of access to the NIKKI AUCKLAND Fitness App with photos / measurements / accountability tracking

☑️ How to take your measurements and track your progress tutorial & template

☑️ 2 x Body scans using the Evolt Active scanner

☑️ Support & Mentoring in the Private Facebook page

☑️ Meat, Vegetarians/Vegan menu, plus adaptable with gluten intolerance, dairy intolerance

☑️ Plus so much more! These challenges are value packed and only come around every 16 weeks so don’t delay, jump on board today. What have you got to lose other than centimetres, stress and body fat!

NOTE: All the links and details for the workouts, meal plan and other content will be emailed to you once you have signed up and made your first payment.

SECURE YOUR SPOT by purchasing your Challenge pack now! Limited spots, numbers are capped so I can give each and everyone of you my complete support during your 6 Week PROGRAM. If you want to be apart of my team then add your challenge pack to the cart and join me. 

If you sign up NOW you will get my INSANE EARLY BIRD PRICING! plus a free goodie bag with local goodies

EARLY BIRD pricing is just $62 per week then will go to $69 per week once early bird finishes…

** When you sign up, your payments will start immediately, Note: there will only be 6 payments and your position will be secured ready for the 25th January. This is a great way to pay it off and be ahead of the game!

I hope to see you on the Challenge list




I recently did one of Nikki’s challenges. It was super easy to follow, the food tasted amazing and the results shocked me. I lost over 5 kilos in 28 days. I highly recommend Nikki”

Jade Kazi, Harrington Park NSW

The bootcamp has an amazingly great atmosphere and kid friendly

Love every minute of it 🙌🏼

Lisa Loveland, Oran Park NSW

“Yes my body has changed as I can see my clothes fitting a lot better. I have only lost just over four kilos but I have a waist which is exciting! People have noticed so that’s nice. I am definitely fitter and stronger and seem to have more energy as I am not falling asleep in front of the tv at night lol, loved the Challenge!

Nicole, Harrington Park NSW

I found Nikki’s boot camp three months ago and it is truly exactly what I needed.

The group is friendly and super supportive and were all really welcoming. Nikki is amazing and encourages you to always do your best to your ability and helps you with alternative exercises if you have trouble with anything.

I particularly love her challenges and am just finishing my second one, the meal plans have been great and the variety of food is amazing and are easily adaptable to dietary requirements.

Thanks Nikki you are great at what you do 😘

Mel Matthews, Oran Park NSW

“Just want to say thanks to Nikki for another great challenge!
This time I got some unexpected results… I feel great! and my tummy issues have reduced significantly. I didn’t realise how crappy I had been feeling until I started the challenge and started feeling so much better.
I set a goal and smashed it by following the meal plan and training at home with the app.
So a big thank you to you Nikki, I decided to “Trust the process” and got results! See you all back at Bootcamp next week!

Cherie, Tahmoor NSW


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