28 DAY AUTUMN Challenge


  • If you want to BURN FAT, feel LEANER, build LEAN MUSCLE and learn what TO EAT to boost your metabolism then you must join us!
  • Anyone can join me in this challenge, you can be fit, unfit or somewhere in between
  • This is a your chance to take charge and see what amazing things can happen in 28 quick DAYS! 



What's included in the challenge?


  • UNLIMITED BOOTCAMP sessions at Oran Park OR complete this challenge online using my Workout App
  • 3 x FIT BODY BY NIKKI workouts each week using my App (this is in addition to bootcamp sessions which is great if you can't make a bootcamp session OR you can complete this challenge completely online)
  • BODY SCAN (valued at $80 ) - before and after scan that will show your body fat %, body measurements, BMI, Bio age, Fitness score and hydration levels (for local girls)
  • Weekly in-app pictures to show your progress. The app allows you to take your front, side and back pics which you can compare side by side at the end of your 28 days
  • Tutorial on how to take your own measurements so that you can track your progress each week and make sure that your body measurements are changing 
  • Macro Meal Plan designed as a higher protein and lower carb diet for fat burning and lean muscle development. The meals will help fuel the training sessions to get you the best results in the shortest time. The meal plan is balanced and includes choices for vegetarians. These meals along with my strength HIIT sessions will get the metabolism blazing
  • Private Facebook group to support each other, watch my live videos for motivation and support and share your story
  • 24/7 in App messaging with me for support or guidance


Eating for your goals will ensure the best chance for success !

My MACRO Meal plan will allow you to utilise your energy stores for fat burning while meeting your nutritional requirements and fuelling your body for success.


  • All women, ladies, babes and girls!!!
  • Anyone!! as this is a challenge that is in person BUT ALSO online (yes train with me online with this challenge) 
  • Anyone who is lacking energy, motivation and that healthy feeling
  • Anyone who wants to change their current health and fitness regime OR anyone who wants to start a health and fitness regime!
  • Anyone needing help with training AND nutrition
  • Anyone who needs to shed centimetres and shift fat in a short amount of time 
  • New mums wanting to lose baby weight
  • Bride's to be who want to tone and firm up for their wedding day
  • Over worked, tired women who need more energy
  • A breakfast skipper /snacker who wants solutions to their poor nutrition habits 
  • Someone who wants to live a healthier lifestyle and be a better example for their kids
  • Someone who wants to loose excess weight and gain strength




Talk with me further!

BUY NOW to secure your spot - $37.50 per week for 4 weeks! Payment will be required upfront, $150 is Amazing value!  You get $80 worth of scans in this price along with a macro meal plan, unlimited workouts at Oran Park with me or on your Smart Phone with my App.

SIMPLY 'BUY NOW' for express registration or you an choose to talk with me further by using the 'SIGN UP Form' --> CLICK HERE and FILL OUT YOUR DETAILS and type the words - TELL ME MORE in the message.  Wait for a reply email to be sent back to discuss any further questions or enquiries that you have.

The full upfront investment in yourself is $150 and once this has been received YOU ARE REGISTERED  and your spot is secured (Yayyy) and on your way to fit, lean, confident and a lot more energy! You will then get an email with instructions to download the App and setup your profile. I will add you to the private Facebook group (or not, just let me know) where more details, motivation and fun stuff happens. The MACRO MEAL PLAN will be downloadable from the facebook group also.

The challenge starts 9th April 2018. All registrations will need to be finalised and paid for by the 4th April, Please discuss this with me if you have any problems.