I wasn’t going to post this but I feel that its a part of the process and journey I’m currently on... since Isla was born, I had not paid attention to my weight but more importantly my health . You can ask anyone I know, they will say I’ve never been into fitness or being active. Then when Easter came this year and I realised none of the photos I was in with Isla looked good, I looked so unhappy and just felt awful about myself. I realised that I didn’t want Isla to look back at her photos of her childhood and see an overweight Mum.. AND IM ONLY 24 ! No 24 year old wants to look like that either... so I realised at that moment I needed to change. I started a bootcamp that I knew I could bring Isla too and I just kept going ... I pushed through the pain and just kept trying. My trainer @nikki.auckland has been an angel from heaven to help me, put me on a meal plan, been there whenever I needed her for support or just a kick up the butt to come to sessions. The women I train with every day are the loveliest ladies who I’m so proud to call my friends and my friends and family who have supported me , or looked after Isla whilst I go to training, I’m forever grateful !! I still have a bit of a way to go before I’m 100% happy with my results but god damn I’m so proud of myself and finally starting to feel like myself again !!!



















"It's not even a month between the first two pictures and 8 weeks all up between the first and last pictures  - I should be thanking you!!
I felt a slight change in my body but not this much! I really wish I took photos when I first started like you suggested!"
- Alicia does Personal Training and Meal Plan








I feel so much better, I know it's been a slow but so constant and steady process, I am proud that I stuck with it for so long and it's now a lifestyle not a fad... thank you for constantly helping me through it! Without you I couldn't have even done it. The scales are such a mind game, only a few kilos down the scales but I've noticed such a difference in my shape! I'll keep pushing and hopefully keep on changing!

-  Miranda does Personal Training + Meal Pan + Bootcamp






 I never take selfies and don’t feel comfortable talking about myself so this post is a big thing for me. I have just finished Nikki’s 28 day challenge. Recently a Dr told me that because I was of a certain age ( I’m 50) I would find it increasingly hard to loose weight and should expect to put on 10% of my body weight during menopause.
I started Nikki’s challenge with this in the back of me mind. After the first week I already felt happier and a little bit tighter. I started the second week with new determination and vigour. I meal prepped completed all my workouts and found a spring in my step that hasn’t been there for years.
I’ve just come back from my final weigh in and I couldn’t be happier.
Goodbye 16 cm
Goodbye 5.6 kilos
Hello to a happier, healthier, fitter and shiny version of me
Thank you so much Nikki for your help, support and dedication
Bring on Nikki 28 challenge 2.0

-  Selina - 28 Day Challenge 




 It’s definitely made me feel so happy !!!!! Just seeing how much of a difference I have made , makes me just want to keep pushing harder !!
Thank you so much for all your help ! You’ve definitely changed my life.

-  Lily - PT + Bootcamp + Challenges






Well thanks to you Nikki I've reached my new low weight this morning. My measurements keep changing and Im slowly dropping weight! Im starting to get some abs back! -  Katie - PT + Bootcamp + Challenges






Thanks Nikki, this was only 1 month!! I love your meals (and so does my husband) and your bootcamp sessions and challenges are exactly what I needed. I won't stop, especially now that I can see your methods are working - Mary - PT + Bootcamp + Challenge








I started the L.I.F.T challenge with Nikki in July this year. I was amazed at how much I have loved every minute of this program. The food that Nikki has planned and created you feels like you are not missing out on anything and that you are never hungry. The recipes are delicious and the workouts keep you motivated, improving fitness levels whilst achieving fat loss and gaining muscle. I have never met anyone as supportive, knowledgeable and caring as Nikki. Nikki is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to food and exercise and she knows her stuff! You only have to look at her to see she practices what she preaches. The support and encouragement I received whilst doing this program was impeccable. Nothing was ever a problem for Nikki and she would happily answer any of my questions or concerns I had. She was so supportive and encouraging throughout the whole 12 weeks. Prior to starting this program I was feeling so tired and unhealthy but since completing this program I have never felt better. I lost 7 kilos and lots of cms. My whole body shape has changed and I have gained the fitness and muscle I was after. I will continue my journey as this wasn't just a 12 week program for me it is a lifestyle change. Eating clean doesn't have to be boring it's actually amazing how much I have been able to learn about nutrition and the body from Nikki. Nikki from the bottom of my heart I cannot Thank you enough! Because of you I feel in control and healthy and fit again and my journey will continue. xxx -  Ann - 12 Week Online App Program 



CATHERINE - Elderslie, NSW (Age 41)

"I Highly recommend Nikki  as a nutritionist. I went to Nikki feeling very unmotivated, bloated and lacking energy. I only had a few kilos I wanted to loose and thought I generally eat fairly healthily. Nikki set me out meal plans that were easy to follow, and that suited my food likes/dislikes and lifestyle which makes it super easy to stick too. I crave these healthy foods now rather than sugary chocolate! She tailors the meal plans so your shopping list each week uses ingredients throughout the week so you are not wasting food or having a cupboard full of food  you only use once which also makes it very economical. The recipes are so delicious and I even have my fussy eating family eating them too! Nikki is very encouraging and offers personalised support and guidance to keep you on track. I now feel so much more energised, no more bloating feeling, my hair, skin and nails are healthier, and I've also lost those few kilos as well as cm off my body, and in a short period of time. Thank you so much Nikki for helping me be a healthier happier me!"


MELISSA - Harrington Park, NSW (Age 34)

I just completed Nikki’s 14 day shred and I am feeling wonderful. I found I was never hungry on the plan and sometimes quite full. The food was satisfying and nourishing. Recipes were yum and it was so easy planning for the week ahead. I lost 1.8 kilos in the 14 days. It has really kicked started my metabolism and I feeling wonderful. I would recommend this 14 day shred to anyone. Nikki is such a wealth of knowledge & really knows what she is talking about when it comes to health & diet.


BRENDA - The Oaks, NSW (Erin's Age 13) - training plan

Hi Nikki,

I just wanted to say thank you for everything you have done for Erin. I have noticed massive changes in her confidence and her eating habits have changed too. This is all because of you and I am so grateful for that.


MEL - Harrington Park, NSW (Age 36)

Hi Nikki, I have a confession to make, my husband loves your food.... he said that this eating plan that I'm on (yes this is my plan but he eats all the dinners that I have on my menu plan) is the best nutrition plan that he has ever come across!



MEGAN - Elderslie, NSW (Daughter's Age 14) - Comp Netball Player

Nikki, my daughter says you are the best fitness coach she has ever had, she loves your training methods!

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