• 14 Day Shred - ebook
  • 14 Day Shred - ebook
  • 14 Day Shred - ebook

14 Day Shred - ebook


This 14 Day Shred is aimed to kick start your metabolism, allow your body to shred unwanted fat and start to repair from the inside.

For maximum results – do the 14 Day Shred twice = 28 days

I have worked with many girls over the years who have received amazing results in as little as 4 weeks. My plan for them is always the same – start with a strict change for 14 days then we move onto something different for 14 days, always changing it up every 14 days. This method  of nutrition keeps the body continually adjusting and gives maximum results when it comes to fat loss. 

  • eating plan
  • meal prep
  • shopping list
  • recipes
  • vegan options
  • workout advice

This e-book gives you all the basic tools to start your healthy lifestyle today. With everyday recipes that are simple, easy and delicious, there are no excuses.