FIT BODY Meal Planner bundle

This printable meal planner has 5 templates and will take your health and fitness goals to the next level. It will support you in finding specialised structure. Combining a meal planning step-by-step structure with your own handwritten personality will solidify and engrain your intentions. This is how we make new habits and get results!

For me personally, I’m aiming to make my life easier and set myself up for success by meal planning so I choose to meal prep. There is space in the planner to write down the meal prep recipes that you will need to make to have your weekly plan organised and on track.

  • 7 Day meal planner
  • 30 Day meal panner
  • 6 Meal daily planner
  • Daily glass of water checklist
  • Meal prep recipes list
  • Shopping List

Benefits of meal prep

It has been proven that writing down what you eat, aids in weight loss and healthy eating efforts. This is partially due to the fact that it increases your awareness and accountability. You will identify your food-related habits and what’s been getting in your way. Consistent meals help teach your body that fuel is available and therefore prevent derailing cravings.

Sum it up

A weekly printable meal planner template will have a big impact on your health, budget, and schedule. Consider it the base of your journey towards a healthier lifestyle. It’s customisable and can be adjusted according to your preferences, schedule, and personal goals. Planning, preparing, and packaging your own meals and snacks are easy steps, building lifelong healthy habits. Meal planning and prepping are very empowering practices that help you get back control and reach your goals quicker and without as much stress then if you were going day to day without direction or focus.

I personally use these templates to plan each week and take the stress out of the week ahead. Our family works off the planner, shopping list and water chart to help simplify the process of healthy living. It's something we do now without thinking and it's such a positive message to send to our kids - PLAN, PREPARE, ACHIEVE!